About The Everyday Innovator Podcast Interview With Juliana Whitney

"Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between that voice that’s telling you something isn’t right for you and your fear voice. Fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, fear of putting yourself out there. Our Everyday Innovator guest, Juliana Whitney, shares how she differentiates between the two voices, her bold journey into a booming industry and why it’s important to know who you are. As the founder of Cann Strategy and co-founder of LeafSheet Juliana opens up about her incredible story of seizing an opportunity others were afraid to take, the successes and failures along the way, and how thinking differently than her competition helped her get ahead. She also shares a great example of innovative thinking when she “read between the lines” of a new business pitch…and won! "

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About The Everyday Innovator Podcast

Conversations with Everyday Innovators that reject the status quo, think differently, and make a positive difference in their world. No blah blah “experts” hawking their hypothetical BS here. These are real people, real experiences, and real results.  Tamara and her guests bring a fresh approach to innovation, making it accessible to everyone, at any time. This podcast is for people that know that life is too crowded, cluttered, and competitive to be mediocre, and are ready to ignite innovation, influence others, and make a massive impact by tapping the power of their innovative minds.

Tamara Ghandour is the pioneer in human-centered innovation, the creator of the proprietary, research-based Innovation Quotient Edge assessment (the only tool that helps people discover their Everyday Innovator style), curator of Everyday Innovators Digital Magazine (innovation tools at your fingertips), sought after keynote speaker, author, and mom of two teenage boys and one oversized dog that loves to spoon. Her big goal is to unleash one million Everyday Innovators into the world.

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