About The Cannabis Hangout and Leafsheets Episode

"Meet Nick and Juliana. They are the founders of Leafsheets, which is a Cannabis business platform that allows entrepreneurs to get into the Cannabis industry, without having to pay outrageous consultant and legal fees. With Standard Operating Procedures and other resources they provide for you, it allows you to be where you want to be, so much faster. We know how overwhelming starting a business in the industry can be and where to even start, so Leafsheets allows you to focus on customizing the details of what makes your business unique.

With their website so beautifully curated and easy to navigate, we're stoked to pick their brains on how they are filling in a much needed, messy gap. Tune in, while we break it all down!"

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About The Cannabis Hangout Podcast

Two girls, one bowl, and a podcast that's breaking the stigma of Marijuana! Listen in while we speak with medical marijuana patients, growers, and industry leaders. We will be sharing personal stories, debunking marijuana myths, educating people, and spreading the love and benefits of a healing plant, through the Cannabis community! Come roll with us, while we break it all down.

Produced by: Josh Sallee