About the Taking Root Podcast Interview With Leafsheets

Meet the co-founders of Leafsheets.

For the last seven years, Juliana Whitney has been paving her path in the cannabis industry. After getting her MBA in 2015 she decided to take some time to herself and she took a job at a front desk in a dispensary. That's when her world changed. From observing, networking, documenting, to reverse engineering and applying all of her skills and talents back to real-world strategy, she broke down the barriers in her own story to get where she is today.

Nick Bembenek knows what those barriers to entry are like as well. As a 10 year entrepreneur, he's had his hand in over 25 startups and has helped design and direct many of those into companies that have taken traction.If you're looking to make SOPs a breeze 🌬️  for your cannabis business, and make key information accessible without having to search Google for 9,000 hours just to get a straight answer, look no further than Leafsheets.

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