About The Elite High Performance Interview with Juliana Whitney

This week on the Leadership Launchpad Project podcast, President at Cann Strategy & Co-Founder at Leafsheets.com, Juliana Whitney, joined us to share how her journey through adoption inspired her to help young girls in the adoption system find their true selves and the leadership skills that she has developed as a result that she has taken into her business in the cannabis industry.For the best, research-backed, high-performance leadership strategies that will build you into a high-impact leader who turns their teams into happy high performers that achieve their goals, visit https://www.elitehighperformance.com/.

Rather than traditional leadership coaching,  Elite High Performance blends neuroscience, mindset coaching, high-performance leadership strategies with cutting-edge technology & data to provide a clear path to building a high-performing team - or to turn around an under-performing team. It’s the same way professional sports teams combine high-performance coaching, technology and analytics to build a winning sports team. You can check out our Leadership Coaching Programs and Leadership Consulting Programs & Services at https://www.elitehighperformance.com

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About Leadership Launchpad Project Podcast

The Leadership Launchpad Project is all about helping our listeners maximize their potential. We're asking you to own your role as a leader in your own life, choose your mindset and then step out by using these 2.0 leadership mindset strategies to play your biggest impact game - at home, at work and in your communities.