Hemp farming is becoming wildly popular.  Its big boom is partly because of the CBD hype, partly because it can be used to manufacture so many things, and partly because the regulations are much more lenient than cannabis.  Many in Nevada are going the route of cultivating and extracting Industrial Hemp, rather than trying their hand in the highly regulated and competitive cannabis industry.  The application process is tedious, but not overwhelmingly so if you use this guide to Industrial Hemp in Nevada.  Here, we provide you with a summary of the process and fees, a checklist of to-do's before and during the application process.  At the end, find the suggestion for what to do once you get licensed!


Note: We are business strategists, not legal advisors, so please make sure to consult with a licensed attorney for official legal advising!


Definition ofIndustrial Hemp

"the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis."


Regulatory body

Nevada Department of Agriculture


Pertinent Industrial Hemp specific NV regulations

Nevada Senate Bill 305

Nevada Senate Bill 396


Pertinent Industrial Hemp specific non-NV regulation

U.S. Farm Bill, Section 7606


License Categories [separate license for each category]

Growers [approval for this required before submitting other license applications]

  • Allows the cultivation of hemp

Seed producers

  • Allows seed resale and distribution
  • Handlers
  • Allows for production of hemp-based products
  • Allows to receive hemp from other licensed growers
cannabidiol molecule infographic by J. Whitney & Co.
Cannabidiol molecule

Before application: Required preparatory actions [checklist]

  1. Register for a NV business license
  2. Secure properly zoned location
  3. If property is not owned by applicant, secure private contract and notarized approval for hemp cultivation from the landowner
  4. Secure water rights for the location
  5. Secure local zoning approval
  6. Secure Jurisdictional approval
  7. Develop building/construction plans
  8. Ensure facility is in compliance with building codes
  9. Get written documentation that facility is in compliance with building codes
  10. Get written documentation of secured water rights
  11. Get written documentation of compliance with county/city ordinance
  12. Get proof of local zoning approval
  13. Get written documentation of jurisdictional approval
  14. Select hemp varietals company intends to cultivate
  15. Identify equipment to be used for hemp handling
  16. Identify solvents to be used for hemp handling
  17. Develop Standard Operating Procedure for hemp cultivation
  18. Develop Standard Operating Procedure for hemp handling


Applying: Required application actions [checklist]

  • Submission of each type of application(Grower THEN Seed producer and Hemp Handler)
  • Payment of all relevant fees (After application approval)
  • Payment of all program fees (After application approval)
  • Adherence to all state of Nevada regulations



required forms for starting NV industrial hemp


how to submit NV hemp forms
fees for hemp license in nevada


Suggested by J. Whitney & Co.


Create a Business Plan

Having a plan for how to move forward is crucial to make your startup process and operations as efficient as possible. [including, but not limited to the following]:

  • Funding needed for build out
  • Funding needed for operations
  • Production projections
  • List of products
  • Sales plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Revenue projections


Develop a Strong Brand Identity

Brand identity is crucial for driving sales, especially consumer facing sales.  Your brand needs a personality, an aesthetic, and messaging which consumers can become familiar with and rely on. Many companies fail to put enough thought into their branding and wind up struggling to make their mark. Connect with us at to speak more about how our team can help you in forming strong branding.


Invest in Developing a Quality Website

A website is like an online storefront.  It is just as important to create a pleasant, appealing, and easy to use website as it would be to create the same in a brick and mortar shop.  When consumers land on a quality website, your product looks more legitimate, which makes customers feel more comfortable purchasing your product. Connect with us to speak more about how our team can help you in developing a high-quality customized website.


Social Media and SEO Strategy

Social media and SEO will be some of your most powerful sales tools.  Creating a strategy ahead of time about how to build SEO consistently to rank for specific keywords, and how to keep social media accounts alive (staying up with so many accounts can be quite an undertaking if you don't have the right strategy and optimization tools).