About The Growing With Druski Podcast Interview With Leafsheets

On this episode of Growing With Druski, we start the show with a business spotlight from Leafsheets featuring their co-founder Juliana Whitney. Davion, DaIjon and Jake are back for part 2! The 3 friends who have been bonded since the 6th grade, tell us about how they met. This hour goes by super fast with a story about Getting Punched in the chest over a monopoly game that still holds some feelings between the two. This is a story of 2 REAL friends who own and operate a business together, with more friends. Tune in to "A Day at the shop with Veli Customz"

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About Growing With Druski Podcast

Growing with Druski is a podcast that brings out Las Vegas locals who own and operate their own businesses, artist, and more to come and tell their stories about how they got into what they are into, what they have learned, and the knowledge they can spread to the masses. In every episode there is a lesson, will you take heed to the lesson?