About the GHA Business Success Tips Panel with Juliana Whitney

Global Hemp Association and Cannabis News Hub invited Juliana Whitney of Cann Strategy and Leafsheets to host a webinar on business success tips for the cannabis and hemp industries.

🌿Juliana Whitney, MBA, specializes in new venture creation and development and has been focused on the cannabis industry since 2015.  She has composed high-scoring competitive license applications for investor/ownership groups.  She has trained service teams for some of the most successful dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Las Vegas and acquired certificates of operations for dispensaries, cultivations, and production facilities, briefly advised the dispensary division of one of the largest multi-license business takeovers to date, and were Managing Editor of Cannabis Magazine during its startup phase.

Her focus on new venture creation and development is what inspired the creation of Cann Strategy. Each Cann Strategy service is designed and based on her hands-on knowledge of the cannabis industry combined with new venture feasibility and growth strategies.  She is especially skilled at managing competitive license projects and business setup and startup, for existing companies and brand new organizations.

Talking Points:

  1. Business success tips.  Not just growing your business but creating business plans that enable you to compete.
  2. SOPs.  Standard Operating Procedures and how important they are for a company to have as a well-written guideline and most importantly ADHERENCE.
  3. Training/Education in all the correct segments of your business.

About Global Hemp Association

GHA is THE PREMIER NETWORK for hemp professionals. Our members are vetted and active, many with decades of experience in the hemp industry. Whatever your specialty, we can help you make the connections you need to grow.

Unity and collaboration are key drivers that power GHA. Our members, partners, and associates come from locations across the planet. A shared planet that needs our help to mitigate climate change, in part with hemp. GHA recognizes the challenges, needs, and opportunities within the hemp industry, and the importance of working together on this critical issue at hand. It is necessary to strengthen the hemp industry supply chain and each of the players involved now and in the future to make a meaningful impact.

Through GHA, the premier hemp networking group, members gain access to funding and top-tier research, potential board, advisory board, and committee appointments, form relationships and collaborate on projects focused on propelling the industry forward. This expanding network is made up of leaders, go-getters, and serious professionals ready to take this industry to the next level.

About Cananbis News Hub

Cannabis NewsHub, powered by NewsBank, is the single source of comprehensive news and information for cannabis, hemp and marijuana.  Created specifically for industry professionals, it delivers current and retrospective coverage of the topics that drive innovation, change and growth in the space

NewsBank, inc. has been a premier information provider for almost 50 years. Our comprehensive resources meet the diverse research needs of public libraries, colleges and universities, schools, and professionals around the world. Now, we are leveraging our information expertise to help cannabis industry professionals succeed. We have worked closely with them to understand the need for, and challenges in, finding reliable information in areas such as law, accounting, banking, finance, retail, transportation, social justice, real estate and more.

Cannabis NewsHub aggregates licensed cannabis-related content from over 13,000 global, regional, national and local publications, including more than 60 industry-specific sources. The consolidation of this content in one resource makes Cannabis NewsHub unique.  Then, using proprietary algorithms based on each user’s information needs, the most relevant news coverage is delivered as it becomes available.  Deep archives also enable research into the issues, people and events that influenced the growth of the industry.

Learn more about Cannabis NewsHub by reading our “How It Started” interview with EVP, Jim Draper in BudsFeed.

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