About The Canndid Podcast Interview With Leafsheets

"On this episode, I had such a great time speaking with Juliana Whitney and Nick Bembenek, the Co-founders of Leafsheets. These two partners founded Leafsheets with the express purpose of "un-gating" the murky operations of the cannabis industry, with a particular focus on making winning a license easier. Juliana pulls from her experience as the President of Cann Strategy, where she has won several hard-to-win cannabis licenses on behalf of her consulting clients, and Nick pulls from his deep technological background and entrepreneurial spirit. The combo is an effective one, as you'll find.

In addition to Leafsheets, we got to talk about being a woman in cannabis, having pink hair, the too-strong cannabis flower these days, and - of course - floating down a river with a CamelPak filled with mojito and a unicorn floaty in tow after having taken some Wyld gummies.

Please enjoy."

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