The International Cannabis Bar Association held a panel discussion about Preparation, Team Building, Business Structure, and Capitalization of cannabis businesses during their Cannabiz Summit in San Francisco in 2021. The panel discussion qualified for CLP credit for attorneys who were in attendance.

The Premise:

Many clients believe that the first step in starting a successful cannabis business is licensing. But a massive amount of work must be dedicated to the preparation necessary to submit a successful application, whether it's the application to transition from a provisional license or de novo permanent one.  

While licensing applications and operating requirements will vary to some degree from state to state, there are a variety of common issues that will present themselves in every state cannabis market. The panelists to discuss a set of topics that need to be addressed with any new client who wishes to obtain a license, including, but not limited to team building, funding, corporate structure, and real estate.

The Discussion:

  • How to prepare for applying for a cannabis business license
  • Common mistakes made in cannabis business applications
  • Matters of intellectual property
  • Working with local government agencies during the cannabis business licensing process
  • How to assemble the best team for writing a cannabis business license application

The Panelists: