About Cannabis Curious Podcast Interview With Leafsheets

"Meet Juliana Whitney and Nick Bembenek, co-founders of Leafsheets.

Leafsheets is simplifying cannabis entrepreneurship with accessible, proven business and operational documents for cannabis businesses. Leafsheets aims to make the licensing process more accessible by providing a cost-effective solution to hiring lawyers and consultants to assist with state applications. Leafsheets reduces the hours put into state applications by providing a library of documents that meet state application requirements. In addition to helping cannabis entrepreneur navigate the licensing process at a significantly more competitive price point, Leafsheets also helps canna business to scale. Rigorous business and operational documents help to drive a consistent operating model and makes cannabis businesses viable acquisition targets.

In this conversation you will learn more about what Leafsheets is and why and how Juliana and Nick built a robust, fun, accessible solution for entrepreneurs and business owners in cannabis.

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About Cannabis Curious Podcast

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