About Cannabis Advocate Podcast Interview With Juliana Whitney

"Are you a DIY’r looking for a little help to kick off your new cannabis business? What if you could find an economical source of expertise and put it into action in your cannabis business? This is where are guest comes in.

Juliana Whitney, specializes in new venture creation and development.  Along with a co-founder, Juliana recently launched Leaf Sheets,  a business support platform developed to simplify cannabis entrepreneurship and lower the barriers to entry.   Juliana fosters success by providing subscribers vital resources and information for starting and operating cannabis businesses.  Leaf Sheets provides, “the things that the big shots have, but without the big shot price tag.” according to Juliana.

DIY Cannabis Business Strategist to Entrepreneur

Juliana started out as a patient coordinator at the first dispensary in Las Vegas.  It was from this experience she found the desire to share her knowledge with other. Juliana  went on to start a cannabis business strategy consulting firm, working one and one with entrepreneurs. Since 2017,  she has consulted with many companies, and composed high scoring and winning competitive license applications in Illinois, Nevada and Ohio. From this experience she searched for a way of scaling up her consulting, thus Leafsheets."

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About Cannabis Advocate Podcast

This podcast advocates for businesses in the cannabis industry. Despite hurdles in legislation, regulation, and culture, there are tremendous opportunities for growers, producers and sellers of cannabis products. This podcast helps to bind the ties of businesses looking to buy, sell, partner and support like minded organizations in the industry. We advocate for the cannabis Industry -