"Strategy is about deliberately choosing to be different."

J. Whitney & Co. is a cannabis business strategy firm working with owners and investors of dispensaries, cultivations and processing facilities on business development, operations & management, branding, and marketing.

We value excellence in operations and service and profits with purpose.

We believe that doing good is good business, that the cannabis industry can be better and do better, and that our firm can help it get there.

Our team has extensive hands on experience in legalized cannabis markets in the U.S and Canada and is comprised of specialists and professionals who are genuinely passionate about the challenge of optimizing the way cannabis business is done.

The strategists at J. Whitney & Co. are skilled at interpreting and applying cannabis regulations and thus successfully transfer their skills to any legalized cannabis market.

Founder & CEO

Juliana Whitney, MBA, specializes in New Venture creation and development and has been focused on the cannabis industry since 2015.  She has led a team in winning competitive cannabis business licenses in the highly regulated state of Nevada, trained teams for some  of the most successful dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Las Vegas, acquired certificates of operations for dispensaries, cultivations and production facilities, and led the dispensary division of one of the largest multi-license business take overs to date.

"Knowing the "why" behind every action taken and understanding how each piece effects the whole is key in developing effective strategies, and crucial for efficient business growth.  How things tie together, matters."

Juliana Whitney, CEO

Specialized Teams
Strategy & Compliance

The strategy and compliance team has combined decades of hands on and consulting experience in dispensaries, cultivation and production facilities in multiple legalized cannabis markets.  With expertise in operational efficiencies, cannabis business compliance, management, inventory systems and quality control, the team creates solid and actionable strategies for you to operate top tier cannabis businesses.  

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Grow & Production

The grow and production strategists have experience in BHO and CO2 extraction processes, and indoor and outdoor cultivation practices in Nevada, Washington, Colorado and California.  They apply their specialized knowledge to ensure you have the highest-grade processes and products, achieved with compliant practices.

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Brand Identity & Marketing

The branding and marketing team is comprised of experts in creative design & branding and have thorough proficiency in today's most forward-facing computer languages, frameworks and platforms.  They blur the line between art and science to best represent your business.

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