"Building a visionary company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment. —Jim Collins."

J. Whitney & Co. is a holding company of business ventures that are wholly or partly owned by Juliana Whitney, MBA.

We value generating profits with purpose.

We believe that doing good is good business, that the business world can be better and do better, and that our ventures will help it get there.

Founder & CEO

Juliana Whitney, MBA, specializes in New Venture creation and development and has been focused on the cannabis industry since 2015.  She is an entrepreneurial spirit, believes in using good energy to make any vision a reality, and is driven by the idea that business can be used to lead positive change.

"Knowing the "why" behind every action taken and understanding how each piece effects the whole is key in developing effective strategies, and crucial for efficient business growth.  How things tie together, matters."

Juliana Whitney, CEO

Cann Strategy

A cannabis business strategy firm working with investors and owners of vision driven cannabis businesses in the U.S. to develop future focused success strategies.

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A cannabis business acceleration platform developed to give entrepreneurs and business owners in the cannabis space the resources of a high end consulting firm in a DIY model that saves capital and allows them to remain in control of their vision.

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